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PSSRU Bulletin 17
December 2007

The PSSRU Bulletin records recent developments in the Unit, presents recent findings from each of our main programmes of work, and gives a concise overview of current projects and recent publications with contact information.

You can download the complete issue here (pdf, 424KB). Previous issues are available for download here.

Owing to the significant cost of printing and mailing copies, we are greatly reducing our mailout, while continuing to make the online version available free of charge. If you do need a printed copy, please contact Glenys Harrison at the PSSRU in Canterbury.

Outside covers

Copyright and general information, Introduction and Contents (pages 2-3)

The PSSRU 2006-2007 and Staff News (pages 4-5)

Current research programmes

Assessment, Performance Measurement and User Satisfaction in Older People's Services (pages 6-7)
David Challis, Michelle Abendstern, Paul Clarkson, Sue Davies, Jane Hughes, Susan O'Shea, Caroline Sutcliffe and Sue Tucker

Commissioning and Performance (pages 8-9)
Martin Knapp, José-Luis Fernández, Julien Forder, Jacqueline Damant, Vanessa Davey, Catherine Henderson, Tihana Matosevic, Margaret Perkins, Tom Snell and Gerald Wistow

Coordinated Care, Care Management, Service Integration and Partnerships (pages 10-11)
David Challis, Jane Hughes, Siobhan Reilly, Caroline Sutcliffe and Chengqui Xie

Costs, Quality and Outcomes (pages 12-13)
Ann Netten, Theresia Bäumker, Lesley Curtis, Karen Jones, Juliette Malley, Sima Sandhu and Nick Smith

Financing Long-Term Care for Older People (pages 14-15)
Raphael Wittenberg, Linda Pickard, Adelina Comas-Herrera, Derek King and Juliette Malley

Mental Health Economics and Policy (pages 16-17)
Martin Knapp, David McDaid, Jennifer Beecham, Derek King, Roshni Mangalore and Helena Medeiros

Housing and Care (pages 18-19)
Ann Netten, Robin Darton, Theresia Bäumker, Jacquetta Holder, Lisa Nash and Ann-Marie Towers

Research reports, new projects, publications and contact details

Assessment of Older People in Care Homes (page 20)
Angela Worden, David Challis and Irene Pedersen

Quality Measurement Framework (page 21)
James Caiels, Julien Forder, Ann Netten, Ann-Marie Towers and Jan Smith

Partnerships for Older People Projects (page 22)
Julien Forder

The Design and Use of Local Metrics to Evaluation Performance: A Comparative Analysis of Social Care Organisations (page 23)
Sue Davies, Paul Clarkson, David Challis, with Michael Donnelly (Queen's University Belfast) and Roger Beech (Keele University)

After Transition: Health and Social Care Needs of Young Adults with Long-Term Neurological Conditions (pages 24-25)
Jennifer Beecham, Tom Snell, Margaret Perkins and Martin Knapp

Dementia: Contributing to the National Debate (page 26)
Martin Knapp, Adelina Comas-Herrera, José-Luis Fernández, Catherine Henderson, Juliette Malley and Tom Snell

Individual Budgets: Some Early Findings (page 27)
Ann Netten, Karen Jones (PSSRU, Kent); Martin Knapp, José-Luis Fernánadez (PSSRU, LSE); David Challis, Sally Jacobs (PSSRU, Manchester); Jill Manthorpe, Jess Harris, Martin Stevens (Social Care Workforce Research Unit, King's College London); Caroline Glendinning, Nicola Moran, Parveneh Rabiee, Mark Wilberforce (Social Policy Research Unit, University of York)

New Projects (pages 28-29)

Projects and Publications (pages 30-38)

Staff Contact Details (pages 38-39)