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How Can Private Long-term Care Insurance Supplement State Systems? The UK as a Case Study

Funded by the AXA Research Fund, this study is exploring how private long-term care insurance could supplement state systems, with the UK as a case study.

This project aims to:

  1. consider ways in which some of the challenges facing wider take-up of long-term care insurance in the UK could be addressed, including interaction with state funding;
  2. present estimates of the expected life-time costs of care for older people in the UK, by gender and other characteristics under different patterns of care;
  3. present estimates of possible premiums for different potential types of private or private/public insurance policies;
  4. consider the affordability and attractiveness for different individuals of policies with varying levels of premiums and pay-outs, for a range of assumptions on how insurance would interact with state funding; and
  5. prepare projections to 2032 of public and private social care expenditure under different potential insurance schemes.

The study commenced in April 2010 and will end in February 2013.


Forthcoming "End of project workshop". See events and seminars for full deatils.


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European Health Economics Conference, 18-21 July 2012, Zurich. Organised session entitled: How Can Private Long-Term Care Insurance Supplement State Systems? The UK As a Case Study.

International Conference on Evidence-based Policy in Long-term Care, 5-8 September 2012, London. Organised session entitled: How Can Private Long-Term Care Insurance Supplement State Systems? The UK As a Case Study.

Collaborating Institutions

The study involves researchers from the University of East Anglia, the Nuffield Trust and the University of Barcelona.


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