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26/09/2017 22:53

Mission statement

The PSSRU’s mission is to conduct high quality research on social and health care to inform and influence policy, practice and theory.

PSSRU aims

  • To conduct research to help shape the development of social and health care systems, in the UK and internationally.

  • To develop and employ rigorous research methods from a multidisciplinary base.
  • To examine the performance and functioning of social and health care finance, organisation and delivery, with a particular emphasis on promoting efficiency and equity.
  • To conduct research that meets the best standards of research ethics and governance.
  • To involve service users, carers, commissioners, managers, practitioners and policymakers in the research process as far as possible.
  • To keep people informed about the work we do through a variety of media.
  • To develop the research and related skills of PSSRU staff, students and visitors.

Kent Research in Brief

Research in Brief For our 40th anniversary, we produced a booklet summarising the research being undertaken by Kent PSSRU staff. Download it here.