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24/09/2017 14:58

Project Information

Quality and Cost-effectiveness in Long-term Care and Dependency Prevention Network

Principal investigator(s) at PSSRU: Jose-Luis Fernandez
Team: Jose-Luis Fernandez, Raphael Wittenberg, Joanna Marczak and Network partners

Start year: 2016
End year: 2018

This Network aims to support long-term care (LTC) policy-makers across the EU to close the increasing gap between demand and provision of LTC services by identifying evidence about key strategies for reducing care needs and improving the cost-effectiveness of the care system. An overarching objective will be to maximise learning between countries.

The core Network include academics and policy-makers from 11 Member States and associate organisations. Work packages are examining trends in disability across the EU, interventions which could reduce dependency cost-effectively, measures to support unpaid carers effectively, innovative care models/technologies that could improve outcomes, and strategies to maximise coordination in care provision.



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