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26/09/2017 22:54

Project Information

Adult social care outcomes toolkit (ASCOT)

Principal investigator(s) at PSSRU: Ann Netten
Team: Juliette Malley, Nick Smith, Ann-Marie Towers, Clara Heath, Kamilla Razik, Julie Beadle-Brown, Ann Netten

Start year: 2008
End year: 2015

ASCOT is a measure which is designed to capture information about an individual's social care-related quality of life (SCRQoL). The aim is for the measure to be applicable across as wide a range of user groups and care and support settings as possible. The ASCOT website ( provides downloadable data-entry spreadsheets and guidance.



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Beadle-Brown J, Towers A, Netten A, Smith N, Trukeschitz B, Welch E (2011)
ASCOT Adult Social Care Outcomes Toolkit: Additional Care Home Guidance v2.1

Netten A, Beadle-Brown J, Caiels J, Forder J, Malley J, Smith N, Towers A, Trukeschitz B, Welch E, Windle K (2011)
ASCOT Adult Social Care Outcomes Toolkit: Main Guidance v2.1