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24/09/2017 14:57

Project Information

The economic consequences of community capacity-building projects

Principal investigator(s) at PSSRU: Martin Knapp
Team: Annette Bauer, Margaret Perkins, Gerald Wistow

Start year: 2012
End year: 2014

In the current fiscal climate, it is important to understand and foster the potential of resources available within communities to prevent, delay or meet social care and health needs. This project will examine the economic case for investing in community capacity-building projects. It aims to look at a diverse range of projects, including befriending, peer support, health champions and circles networks; examine outcomes through the use of both existing and new data; examine cost-effectiveness and, in particular, savings to the public purse; and develop methodologies that can be employed locally by community projects.



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Building community capital in social care: is there an economic case?
Knapp M, Bauer A, Perkins M, Snell T
Community Development Journal 48 2 313-331