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22/08/2017 10:01

Guest articles from Unit Costs of Health and Social Care, 2003 - 2016


Agency Staff in the NHS
Katja Grasic

Costs of the Well London Programme
Raphael Wittenberg, Gail Findlay and Patrick Tobi

PUCC: The Preventonomics Unit Cost Calculator (article)
PUCC: The Preventonomics Unit Cost Calculator (calculator and guidance)
Eva-Maria Bonin and Jennifer Beecham


Implications of the Care Act 2014 on social care markets for older people
Stephen Allan

Survey questions on older people’s receipt of, and payment for, formal and unpaid care in the community
Meera Balarajan, Margaret Blake, Robin Darton, Michelle Gray, Ruth Hancock, Linda Pickard and Raphael Wittenberg

Estimating the unit costs of vision rehabilitation services
Kate Baxter and Parvaneh Rabiee

Review of resource-use measures in UK economic evaluations
Colin H. Ridyard and Dyfrig A. Hughes


Big data: increasing productivity while reducing costs in health and social care
Guest Editorial: Pavanraj Jessal

Cost of integrated care
Martin Bardsley and Andrew Street

Shared Lives – improving understanding of the costs of family-based support
Nadia Brookes and Lisa Callaghan

RYCT & CSP intervention costs
Jennifer Beecham, Jennifer Wenborn, Georgina Charlesworth and Shaheen Ahmed


Widening the scope of unit costs to include environmental costs
John Appleby, Chris Naylor and Imogen Tennison

Cognitive behaviour therapy: a comparison of costs
Barbara Barrett and Hristina Petkova

Residential child care: costs and other information requirements
Jonathan Stanley and Andrew Rome

The costs of telecare and telehealth
Catherine Henderson, Jennifer Beecham and Martin Knapp


Guest editorial
Simon Walker, Susan Griffin, Karl Claxton, Steve Palmer, Mark Sculpher

Using time diaries to contribute to economic evaluation of criminal justice interventions
Nadia Brookes and Ann Netten

Costing multi-site, group-based CBT workshops
Eva-Maria Bonin and Jennifer Beecham

A review of approaches to measure and monetarily value informal care
Rita Faria, Helen Weatherly and Bernard van den Berg


The cost of extra care housing
Theresia Bäumker and Ann Netten

Shared Lives – model for care and support
John Dickinson

Calculating the cost and capacity implications for local authorities implementing the Laming (2009) recommendations
Lisa Holmes


The costs of short break provison
Lisa Holmes and Samantha McDermid

The impact of the POPP programme on changes to individual aervice use
Karen Windle, Richard Wagland, Julien Forder, Francesco D'Amico, Dirk Janssen and Gerald Wistow

The Screen and Treat programme: a response to the London bombings
Nika Fuchkan, Chris R. Brewin, Jennifer Beecham and Martin Knapp

Expected lifetime costs of social care for people aged 65 and over in England
Adelina Comas-Herrera and Raphael Wittenberg


Guest Editorial
Ian Shemilt and Miranda Mugford

Estimating unit costs for Direct Payments Support Organisations
Vanessa Davey, Francesco d'Amico and Martin Knapp

The National Dementia Strategy: potential costs and impacts
Jennifer Beecham

SCIE's work on economics and the importance of informal care
Jennifer Francis and David McDaid


Guest Editorial
Adriana Castelli

The challenges of estimating the unit cost of group therapies
Barbara Barrett and Sarah Byford

Costs and uses of Individual Budgets
Karen Jones


The costs of telecare: from pilots to mainstream implementation
James Barlow, Steffen Bayer, Richard Curry and Jane Hendy

The HealthBASKET Project: documenting the benefit basket and evaluating service costs in Europe
Ann Mason

Recording professional activities to aid economic evaluations of health and social care services
Sarah Byford and Matthew Fiander


Guest Editorial: Conducting and interpreting multi-national economic evaluations: the measurement of costs
Anita Patel

The costs of an intensive home visiting programme for vulnerable families
Emma McIntosh and Jane Barlow

Direct payments rates in England
Vanessa Davey

Training costs of Person Centred Planning
Renée Romeo, Martin Knapp, Barbara McIntosh, Helen Sanderson, Paul Swift, Janet Robertson, Eric Emerson, Martin Routledge, Peter Oakes, Johan Elliott, Emma Krijenen-Kemp, Christine Towers, Chris Hatton and Theresa Joyce

The Baker's Dozen: unit costs and funding
Secretariat to the Older People's Enquiry into 'That Bit of Help'


The cost of providing home care
Karen Jones

The costs of recuperative care housing
Lesley Curtis

Personal Social Services Pay and Prices Index
Jennifer Heigham

Typical costs of Sure Start Local Programme services
Jill Tidmarsh and Justine Schneider


Costs of adoption
Julie Selwyn, Wendy Sturgess, David Quinton and Catherine Baxter

The cost of undertaking core assessments
Hedy Cleaver and Steve Walker with Pam Meadows

The development of unit costs for social work processes
Harriet Ward, Lisa Holmes and Jean Soper

Estimating the unit costs for Home-Start support
Michelle Sleed, Jennifer Beecham, Martin Knapp, Colette McAuley and Nyree McCurry

Costs of family support services
Jill Tidmarsh and Justine Schneider


The costs of intermediate care schemes
Anita Patel, Judy Foster and Finbarr Martin

The Rapid Response Service
Lesley Curtis and Ann Netten

Reference costs
Andrew Street