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Recent Publications

Transition care in Anorexia Nervosa through guidance online from peer and carer experts (TRIANGLE): Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial (2017)
Cardi V, Ambwani S, Robinson E, Albano G, Macdonald P, Aya V, Rowlands K, Todd G, Schmidt U, Landau S, Arcelus J, Beecham J, Treasure J
European Eating Disorders Review (date available online: 24 Sep 2017)

People with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities at the end of their lives: the case for specialist care? (2017)
Forrester-Jones R, Beecham J, Barnoux M, Oliver D, Couch E, Bates C
Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities (date available online: 5 Sep 2017)

Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa: A Multi-Method Investigation Translating Experimental Neuroscience into Clinical Practice (2017)
Schmidt U, Sharpe H, Bartholdy, Bonin E, Davies H, Easter A, Goddard E, Hibbs R, House J, Keyes A, Knightsmith P, Koskina A, Magill N, McClelland, Micali N, Raenker S, Renwick B, Rhind C, Simic M, Sternheim L, Woerwag-Mehta S, Beecham J, Campbell I, Eisler I, Landau S, Ringwood S, Startup H, Tchanturia K, Treasure J
Programme Grants for Applied Research 5 16 (date available online: 31 Aug 2017)
Open access

Validity and test-retest reliability of the self-completion adult social care outcomes toolkit (ASCOT-SCT4) with adults with long-term physical, sensory and mental health conditions in England (2017)
Rand S, Malley J, Towers A, Netten A, Forder J
Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 15 163 (date available online: 18 Aug 2017)
Open access

A study of dyadic interdependence of control, social participation and occupation of adults who use long-term care services and their carers (2017)
Rand S, Forder J, Malley J
Quality of Life Research (date available online: 7 Aug 2017)

Being Occupied: Supporting ‘meaningful activity’ in care homes for older people in England (2017)
Smith N, Towers A, Palmer S, Beecham J, Welch E
Ageing and Society (date available online: 11 Jul 2017)

Harnessing the power of individual participant data in a meta-analysis of the benefits and harms of the Incredible Years Parenting Program (2017)
Leijten P, Gardner F, Landau S, Harris V, Mann J, Hutchings J, Beecham J, Bonin E, Scott S
Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry (date available online: 11 Jul 2017)

Projected Demand for Supported Housing in Great Britain 2015 to 2030 (2017)
Wittenberg R, Hu B
(date available online: 3 Jul 2017)

Outcomes-based commissioning for social care in extra care housing: is there a future? (2017)
Smith R, Atkinson T, Cameron A, Darton R, Evans S, Johnson E, Lloyd E, Porteus J
Housing, Care and Support 20 2 (date available online: 27 Jun 2017)

Offenders with intellectual disabilities in prison: what happens when they leave? (2017)
Murphy G, Chiu P, Triantafyllopoulou P, Barnoux M, Blake E, Clarke J, Forrester-Jones R, Gore N, Beecham J
Journal of Intellectual Disability Research 957-968 (date available online: 1 Jun 2017)

Innovative approaches of using assistive technology to support carers to care for people with night-time incontinence issues (2017)
Naick M
World Federation of Occupational Therapists Bulletin (date available online: 30 May 2017)

Barriers to receipt of social care services for working carers and the people they care for in times of austerity (2017)
Brimblecombe N, Pickard L, King D, Knapp M
Journal of Social Policy (date available online: 29 May 2017)

Why are relatives of care home residents reluctant to ‘rock the boat’? Is there a culture of acceptance? (2017)
Welch E, Palmer S, Towers A, Smith N
Working with Older People 21 2 124-132 (date available online: 22 May 2017)

Developing a proxy-report version of the Adult Social Care Outcome Toolkit (ASCOT) (2017)
Rand S, Caiels J, Collins G, Forder J
Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 15:108 (date available online: 19 May 2017)
Open access

Instruments measuring disease-specific quality of life in family carers of people with neurodegenerative diseases: a systematic review (2017)
Page T, Farina N, Brown A, Daley S, Bowling A, Basset T, Livingston G, Knapp M, Murray J, Banerjee S
BMJ Open 7:e013611 (date available online: 29 Mar 2017)

A community hub approach to older people’s housing (2017)
Evans S, Atkinson T, Darton R, Cameron A, Netten A, Smith R, Porteus J
Quality in Ageing and Older Adults 18 1 20-32 (date available online: 7 Mar 2017)

Support at Home: Interventions to Enhance Life in Dementia (SHIELD) – evidence, development and evaluation of complex interventions (2017)
Orrell M, Hoe J, Charlesworth G, Russell I, Challis D, Moniz-Cook E, Knapp M, Woods R, Hoare Z, Aguirre E, Toot S, Streater A, Crellin N, Whitaker C, D'Amico F, Rehill A
Programme Grants for Applied Research 5 5 (date available online: 25 Feb 2017)

Technology-based tools and services for people with dementia and carers: Mapping technology onto the dementia care pathway (2017)
Lorenz K, Freddolino P, Comas-Herrera A, Knapp M, Damant J
Dementia (date available online: 8 Feb 2017)

Older people receiving family-based support in the community: A survey of quality of life amongst users of ‘Shared Lives’ in England (2017)
Callaghan L, Brookes N, Palmer S
Health and Social Care in the Community (date available online: 29 Jan 2017)

The use of assistive technology with live-in care givers (2017)
Field K, Naick M
Research, Policy and Planning 32 2 69-79 (date available online: 16 Jan 2017)

MODEM: A comprehensive approach to modelling outcome and costs impacts of interventions for dementia. Protocol paper (2017)
Comas-Herrera A, Knapp M, Wittenberg R, Banerjee S, Bowling A, Grundy E, Jagger C, Farina N, Lombard D, Lorenz K, McDaid D
BMC Health Services Research 17 17:25 (date available online: 11 Jan 2017)
Open access

Factors associated with the quality of life of family carers of people with dementia: a systematic review (2017)
Farina N, Page T, Daley S, Brown A, Bowling A, Basset T, Livingston G, Knapp M, Murray J, Banerjee S
Alzheimer's & Dementia (date available online: 1 Jan 2017)

Childhood bullying victimization is associated with use of mental health services over five decades: a longitudinal nationally representative cohort study (2017)
Evans-Lacko S, Takizawa R, Brimblecombe N, King D, Knapp M, Maughan B, Takizawa R
Psychological Medicine 47 1 127-135 (date available online: 28 Sep 2016)

Costs and economic consequences of a help-at-home scheme for older people in England (2017)
Bauer A, Knapp M, Wistow G, Perkins M, King D, Iemmi V
Health and Social Care in the Community 25 2 780-789 (date available online: 11 Jul 2016)

Healthcare - evaluating the overall system (2017)
Evans-Lacko S, Knapp M
Handbook of Social Policy Evaluation

The cost of diagnosis and early support in patients with cognitive decline (2016)
Pennington M, Gomes M, Chrysanthaki T, Hendriks J, Wittenberg R, Knapp M, Black N, Smith S
International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry (date available online: 22 Dec 2016)

Unit Costs of Health and Social Care 2016 (2016)
Curtis L, Burns A
(date available online: 14 Dec 2016)

The cost of care homes for people with dementia in England: a modelling approach (2016)
Romeo R, Knapp M, Salverda S, Orrell M, Fossey J, Ballard C
International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry (date available online: 2 Dec 2016)
Open access

Predictors of care home and hospital admissions and their costs for older people with Alzheimer's disease: findings from a large London case register (2016)
Knapp M, Chua K-C, Broadbent M, Chang C, Fernández J-L, Milea D, Romeo R, Lovestone S, Spencer M, Thompson G, Stewart R, Hayes R
BMJ Open 6 11 e013591 (date available online: 18 Nov 2016)

Best Practice for Perinatal Mental Health Care: The Economic Case (2016)
Bauer A, Knapp M, Adeleja B
(date available online: 15 Nov 2016)

Implementation of a community-based approach to dementia care in England: Understanding the experiences of staff (2016)
Brookes N
Journal of Social Service Research (date available online: 2 Nov 2016)

Developing an Easy Read version of the Adult Social Care Outcomes Toolkit (ASCOT) (2016)
Turnpenny A, Caiels J, Crowther T, Richardson L, Whelton R, Beadle-Brown J, Rand S
Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities (date available online: 24 Oct 2016)

Cost-effectiveness of donepezil and memantine in moderate to severe Alzheimer's disease (the DOMINO-AD trial) (2016)
Knapp M, King D, Romeo R, Adams J, Baldwin A, Ballard C, Banerjee S, Barber R, Bentham P, Brown R, Burns A, Dening T, Findlay D, Holmes C, Johnson T, Jones R, Katona C, Lindesay J, Macharouthu A, McKeith I, McShane R, O'Brien J, Phillips P, Sheehan B, Howard R
International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry (date available online: 13 Oct 2016)
Open access

Implementing personal health budgets in England: a user-led approach to substance misuse (2016)
Welch E, Jones K, Caiels J, Windle K, Bass R
Health and Social Care in the Community (date available online: 10 Oct 2016)
Open access

Service use and access in young children with an intellectual disability or global developmental delay: Associations with challenging behaviour (2016)
Adams D, Handley L, Simkiss D, Walls E, Jones A, Knapp M, Romeo R, Oliver C
Journal of Intellectual and Developmental Disability (date available online: 6 Oct 2016)

The acceptability and feasibility of using the Adult Social Care Outcomes Toolkit (ASCOT) to inform practice in care homes (2016)
Towers A, Smith N, Palmer S, Welch E, Netten A
BMC Health Services Research 16 16:523 (date available online: 29 Sep 2016)
Open access

Global patterns of workplace productivity for people with depression: absenteeism and presenteeism costs across eight diverse countries (2016)
Evans-Lacko S, Knapp M
Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology 51 11 1525-1537 (date available online: 26 Sep 2016)

Shaping dental contract reform – a clinical and cost effectiveness analysis of incentive-driven commissioning for improved oral health in primary dental care (2016)
Hulme C, Robinson P, Saloniki E, Vinall-Collier K, Baxter P, Douglas G, Gibson B, Godson J, Meads D, Pavitt S
BMJ Open 6 9 e013549 (date available online: 8 Sep 2016)

‘I live with other people and not alone’: a survey of the views and experiences of older people using Shared Lives (adult placement) (2016)
Brookes N, Palmer S, Callaghan L
Working with Older People 20 3 179-186 (date available online: 2 Sep 2016)

Peer support and reminiscence therapy for people with dementia and their family carers: a factorial pragmatic randomised trial (2016)
Charlesworth G, Burnell K, Crellin N, Hoare Z, Hoe J, Knapp M, Russell I, Wenborn J, Woods R, Orrell M
Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry 87 11 1218-1228 (date available online: 12 Aug 2016)
Open access

Suicide and poverty in low-income and middle-income countries: a systematic review (2016)
Iemmi V, Bantjes J, Coast E, Channer K, Leone T, McDaid D, Palfreyman A, Stephens B, Lund C
The Lancet Psychiatry 3 8 774-783 (date available online: 28 Jul 2016)

Understanding HIV-related stigma in older age in rural Malawi (2016)
Freeman E
Social Science and Medicine 164 35-43 (date available online: 26 Jul 2016)

Evidence Review: The Impact of an Ageing Population on End of Life Care Costs (2016)
Townsend M
PSSRU Discussion Paper 2912 (date available online: 25 Jul 2016)

A randomised controlled trial of calcium channel blockade (CCB) with Amlodipine For the treatment oF subcortical ischaEmic vasCular demenTia (AFFECT): study protocol (2016)
Greenan C, Murphy L, Yu LM, Kehoe P, Coulthard E, Bath P, Stewart R, Corbett A, Thomas A, Connelly P, Arrojo F, Canning R, Wallach S, Henderson C, McGuinness B, O’Sullivan M, Holmes C, Knapp M, Ballard C, Passmore P, AFFECT Investigators
Trials 17:324 (date available online: 18 Jul 2016)
Open access

Measuring the productivity of residential long-term care in England: methods for quality adjustment and regional comparison (2016)
Yang W, Forder J, Nizalova O
European Journal of Health Economics (date available online: 16 Jul 2016)
Open access

Clinical service use as people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder transition into adolescence and adulthood: a prospective longitudinal study (2016)
Eklund H, Cadman T, Findon J, Hayward H, Howley D, Beecham J, Xenitidis K, Murphy D, Asherson P, Glaser K
BMC Health Services Research 16 16:248 (date available online: 11 Jul 2016)
Open access

The choice agenda in European health systems: the role of middle-class demands (2016)
Costa-Font J, Zigante V
Public Money and Management 36 6 409-416 (date available online: 11 Jul 2016)

The Long-Term Conditions Questionnaire (LTCQ): Conceptual framework and item development (2016)
Peters M, Potter C, Kelly L, Hunter C, Gibbons E, Jenkinson C, Coulter A, Forder J, Towers A, A’Court C, Fitzpatrick R
Patient Related Outcome Measures 7 109-125 (date available online: 6 Jul 2016)
Open access

What is standard care for people with learning disabilities and behaviour that challenges and what does it cost? (2016)
Iemmi V, Knapp M, Gore N, Cooper V, Brown FJ, Reid C, Saville M, BC Delphi Group
British Journal of Learning Disabilities 44 4 309-321 (date available online: 17 Jun 2016)

Advance care planning in England: Is there an association with place of death? Secondary analysis of data from the National Survey of Bereaved People (2016)
Dixon J, Knapp M, King D
BMJ Supportive and Palliative Care (date available online: 16 Jun 2016)
Open access

The INCENTIVE Study: a mixed methods evaluation of an innovation in commissioning and delivery of primary dental care compared to traditional dental contracting (2016)
Hulme C, Robinson P, Douglas G, Baxter P, Gibson B, Godson J, Vinall-Collier K, Saloniki E, Meads D, Brunton P, Pavitt S
Health Services and Delivery Research 4 18 (date available online: 31 May 2016)

The factors associated with care-related quality of life of adults with intellectual disabilities in England: implications for policy and practice (2016)
Rand S, Malley J
Health and Social Care in the Community (date available online: 24 Apr 2016)
Open access

Evaluating the economic impact of screening and treatment for depression in the workplace (2016)
Evans-Lacko S, Koeser L, Knapp M, Longhitano C, Zohar J, Kuhn K
European Neuropsychopharmacology 26 6 1004-1013 (date available online: 13 Apr 2016)

Economic evaluation of mental health interventions: an introduction to cost-utility analysis (2016)
Luyten J, Naci H, Knapp M
Evidence-Based Mental Health 19 2 49-53 (date available online: 13 Apr 2016)

Two-year follow-up of the MOSAIC trial: a multicentre randomised controlled trial comparing two psychological treatments in adult outpatients with broadly defined anorexia (2016)
Schmidt U, Ryan E, Bartholdy, Renwick B, Keyes A, O’Hara C, McClelland, Lose A, Kenyon M, DeJong H, Broadbent H, Loomes R, Serpell L, Richards L, Johnson-Sabine E, Boughton N, Whitehead L, Bonin E, Beecham J, Landau S, Treasure J
International Journal of Eating Disorders 49 8 793-800 (date available online: 6 Apr 2016)

Comment: Lean economies and innovation in mental health systems (2016)
Evans-Lacko S, Ribeiro W, Brietzke E, Knapp M, Mari J, McDaid D, Paula CS, Romeo R, Thornicroft G, Wissow L
The Lancet 387 10026 1356-1358 (date available online: 2 Apr 2016)
Open access

Community-based rehabilitation for people with physical and mental disabilities in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review (2016)
Iemmi V, Blanchet K, Gibson L, Kumar S, Rath S, Hartley S, Murthy G, Patel V, Weber J. Kuper H
Journal of Development Effectiveness 8 3 368-387 (date available online: 24 Mar 2016)

Circles of Support and personalization: Exploring the economic case (2016)
Wistow G, Perkins M, Knapp M, Bauer A, Bonin E
Journal of Intellectual Disabilities 20 2 194-207 (date available online: 22 Mar 2016)

Exploring synergistic interactions and catalysts in complex interventions: longitudinal, mixed methods case studies of an optimised multi-level suicide prevention intervention in four European countries (Ospi-Europe) (2016)
Harris F, Maxwell M, O’Connor R, Coyne J, Arensman E, Coffey C, Koburger N, Gusmăo R, Costa S, Székely A, Cserháti Z, McDaid D, Van Audenhove C, Hegerl U
BMC Public Health 16:268 (date available online: 15 Mar 2016)

Fertility history and cognition in later life (2016)
Read S, Grundy E
Journal of Gerontology, Series B (date available online: 28 Feb 2016)
Open access

Effects of digital engagement on the quality of life of older people (2016)
Damant J, Knapp M, Freddolino P, Lombard D
Health and Social Care in the Community (date available online: 25 Feb 2016)

Positive behavioural support in schools for children and adolescents with intellectual disabilities whose behaviour challenges: An exploration of the economic case (2016)
Iemmi V, Knapp M, Brown FJ
Journal of Intellectual Disabilities 20 3 281-295 (date available online: 24 Feb 2016)

Youth Mental Health: New Economic Evidence (2016)
Knapp M, Ardino V, Brimblecombe N, Evans-Lacko S, Iemmi V, King D, Snell T
(date available online: 11 Feb 2016)

Commentary: The impact of Alzheimer's disease in China (2016)
Wittenberg R, Hu B
EBioMedicine 4 22-23 (date available online: 10 Feb 2016)

Perceptions of unmet needs for community social care services in England. A comparison of working carers and the people they care for (2016)
Brimblecombe N, Pickard L, King D, Knapp M
Health and Social Care in the Community (date available online: 25 Jan 2016)

The impact of the 2008 economic crisis on substance use patterns in the countries of the European Union (2016)
Dom G, Samochowiec J, Evans-Lacko S, Wahlbeck K, Van Hal G, McDaid D
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 13 1 122 (date available online: 13 Jan 2016)
Open access

An evaluation of the Cygnet parenting support programme for parents of children with autism spectrum conditions (2016)
Stuttard L, Beresford B, Clarke S, Beecham J, Morris A
Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders 23 166-178 (date available online: 7 Jan 2016)

Two year follow up of a pragmatic randomised controlled trial examining the effect of adding a carer’s skill training intervention in inpatients with anorexia nervosa (2016)
Magill N, Rhind C, Hibbs R, Goddard E, Macdonald P, Arcelus J, Morgan J, Beecham J, Schmidt U, Landau S, Treasure J
European Eating Disorders Review 24 2 122-130 (date available online: 23 Dec 2015)

Preschool hyperactivity increases costs into early adulthood (2016)
Knapp M
Evidence-Based Mental Health 19:30 (date available online: 16 Dec 2015)

Lifetime costs of perinatal anxiety and depression (2016)
Bauer A, Knapp M, Parsonage M
Journal of Affective Disorders 192 83-90 (date available online: 15 Dec 2015)

The motherhood wage penalty in times of transition (2016)
Nizalova O, Sliusarenko T, Shpak S
Journal of Comparative Economics 44 1 56-75 (date available online: 23 Oct 2015)

Evidence for effective interventions to reduce mental-health-related stigma and discrimination (2016)
Thornicroft G, Mehta N, Clement S, Evans-Lacko S, Doherty M, Rose D, Koschorke M, Shidhaye R, O’Reilly C, Henderson Claire
The Lancet 387 10023 1123-1132 (date available online: 22 Sep 2015)

Early intervention services in psychosis: from evidence to wide implementation (2016)
Csillag C, Nordentoft M, Mizuno M, Jones P, Killackey E, Taylor M, Chen E, Kane J, McDaid D
Early Intervention in Psychiatry 10 6 540-546 (date available online: 11 Sep 2015)

Exogenous treatment and endogenous factors: vanishing of omitted variable bias on the interaction term (2016)
Nizalova O, Murtazashvili I
Journal of Econometric Methods 5 1 71-77 (date available online: 19 Sep 2014)

Early intervention for first-episode psychosis: broadening the scope of economic estimates (2016)
Park A, McCrone P, Knapp M
Early Intervention in Psychiatry 10 2 144-151 (date available online: 17 Apr 2014)

IIASC report: Interpreting outcomes data for use in the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework (ASCOF) (2016)
Forder J, Malley J, Rand S, Vadean F, Jones K, Netten A

Engagement of people with long-term conditions in health and social care research: a review of barriers and facilitators to capturing the views of seldom-heard populations (2016)
Beadle-Brown J, Ryan S, Windle K, Holder J, Turnpenny A, Smith N, Richardson L, Whelton R

Identifying the impact of adult social care: Interpreting outcome data for use in the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework. Plain English Summary (2016)
Forder J, Malley J, Rand S, Vadean F, Jones K, Netten A

Mental health (2016)
Knapp M, Iemmi V
World Scientific Handbook of Global Health Economics and Public Policy: Health Determinants and Outcomes

Commentary: Chorozoglou M, Smith E, Koerting J, et al., preschool hyperactivity is associated with long-term economic burden: evidence from a longitudinal health economic analysis of costs incurred across childhood, adolescence and young adulthood (2016)
Knapp M
Evidence-Based Mental Health 19 1 30

Birmingham, Priority to Economics, Social Innovation at the Margins (2016)
Brookes N, Kendall J, Mitton L
Social Innovations in the Urban Context
Open access

Birmingham: The Youth Employment and Enterprise Rehearsal Project (2016)
Brookes N, Kendall J, Mitton L
Social Innovations in the Urban Context
Open access

Birmingham: A “Locality Approach” to Combating Worklessness (2016)
Brookes N, Kendall J, Mitton L
Social Innovations in the Urban Context
Open access

Personal health budgets: implementation and outcomes (2016)
Jones K, Forder J, Caiels J, Welch E, Windle K
Social Policy Review 28: Analysis and debate in social policy

Positive behavioural support for children and adolescents with learning disabilities and behaviour that challenges: an initial exploration of service use and costs (2016)
Iemmi V, Knapp M, Reid C, Sholl C, Ferdinand M, Buescher A, Trachtenberg M
Tizard Learning Disability Review 21 4

Is the quality of home care for older people in England really improving? Disagreements between the regulator’s and service users’ assessments (2016)
D'Amico F, Malley J, Fernández J-L

Key findings of the evaluation of the impact of the Care Act 2014 eligibility criteria in Northumberland, West Berkshire and Wokingham (2016)
Fernández J-L, D'Amico F, Snell T

Unpaid Care in England: Future Patterns and Potential Support Strategies (2016)
Brimblecombe N, Fernandez JL, Knapp M, Rehill A, Wittenberg R

Cost of depression in the workplace (2016)
Evans-Lacko S, Knapp M
Mental Health Matters 3 6 43-44