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We’ve made some videos to help you understand the tools and decide which one is right for you.

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ASCOT Scoring

ASCOT Scoring



Measuring the outcomes of people who struggle with self-report

Many social care users struggle with self-report methods, such as questionnaires or structured interviews. In this NIHR School for Social Care Research presentation, Ann-Marie takes you through how we’ve tried to tackle this issue with ASCOT.

Measuring the outcomes of care home residents

Most care home residents cannot self-report. We’ve developed a mixed-methods approach to measuring care home residents’ SCRQoL. This short video discusses our mixed methods approach.

Wondering what the value of the mixed-methods approach is?

In this presentation, given at the NIHR 5th Annual Statistics Conference (June 2021), Ann-Marie explores the feasibility of the mixed-methods approach using data from two care home studies.

Here’s an example of how CH4 data has been used to explore the relationship between care home quality and residents’ SCRQoL:

If you are a Care Provider and are interested in using ASCOT in your care homes, see information we have for Care Providers.



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