The unit costs of professionals – free database now available

January 9, 2019

From the Unit Costs’ team

This year, rather than our usual method of providing online readers with a separate excel spreadsheet showing the costs for each group of professionals, we have developed a spreadsheet database containing the costs of all professionals found in the publication.

This contains a search facility enabling readers to find quickly the professionals or Agenda for  Change (AfC) bands they need. It is also possible to search by job title, all of which are listed alongside the AfC band. Of course, it is important when using this resource, that attention is paid to the descriptive text and methods information in the main publication and to assist with this, we have included chapter and page numbers for quick reference. If this new addition to our website proves successful, we will continue to develop it. You may notice that we have omitted qualification costs from the spreadsheet, although they are still in the main volume. We are currently reviewing the information on the expected working lives of professionals and hope to have new figures in the near future.

Click here to download the new unit cost database of health and social care professionals 2017/18