Annette Bauer

Research Fellow

020 7852 3784

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Research Interests

Annette's research interests and expertise lie in the following areas:
  1. Evaluating the costs and economic consequences of third sector run community capacity building projects which act at the interface with public service delivery; this includes befriending, peer support, help-at-home, time banks, community navigators and health champion models; this research was funded through the School for Social Care Research (SSCR), and smaller third sector provided grants.
  2. The role of third sector projects in generating social innovation, their ways of measuring performance and economic impact; this research is a part of a European study called ITSSOIN.
  3. The short- and long-term costs of maternal mental health problems linked to their negative impact on mothers and children; this work led to the high profile report on the ‘Cost of perinatal mental health problems' which was commissioned by the Maternal Mental Health Alliance.
  4. Early intervention and long-term support for parents with learning disabilities, including advocacy and parenting programmes; this work has been funded by SSCR and third sector grants

Annette also works in the role of an economist for the NICE Collaborating Centre for Social Care (NCCSC) with a current guideline focus on: home care; transition between hospital and (care) home; and reablement. Her work includes reviewing and appraising economic evidence and generating new cost-effectiveness evidence (through modelling). The work will inform government resource allocations through processes of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

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Annette Bauer's Publications