Jacinta Babaian

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Research Interests

Jacinta is currently working on a three year research project evaluating the Living Through Landscapes project (see www.dementiagarden.org.uk), led by the charity Learning Through Landscapes and funded by the Big Lottery Fund. The Living Through Landscapes Project will make changes to the outdoor settings in 30 care homes across the UK to improve the Quality of Life for people living with dementia. This project involves collaborations between the School of Psychology and the Personal and Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU), as well as Age UK Medway, Groundwork, and Thrive. Jacinta holds a Master’s degree in Social and Applied Psychology, and is interested in the social aspects of psychology such as stereotypes and intergroup relations. Her postgraduate research project focused on Terrorism and Prejudice, and how concepts such as the Black Sheep Effect, National Identification and Threat Salience impact on prejudice and desire for punishment.