Open access Refinement of the Long-Term Conditions Questionnaire (LTCQ): Patient and expert stakeholder opinion

Laura Kelly, Caroline Potter, Cheryl Hunter, Elizabeth Gibbons, Ray Fitzpatrick, Crispin Jenkinson, Michele Peters (2016)

Please note: this is a legacy publication from CPEC (formely PSSRU at LSE).

Patient Related Outcome Measures 7 183-193

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Available online: 16 November 2016


Purpose: It is a key UK government priority to assess and improve outcomes in people with long-term conditions (LTCs). We are developing a new patient-reported outcome measure, the Long-Term Conditions Questionnaire (LTCQ), for use among people with single or multiple LTCs. This study aimed to refine candidate LTCQ items that had previously been informed through literature reviews, interviews with professional stakeholders, and interviews with people with LTCs.

Materials and methods: Cognitive interviews (n=32) with people living with LTCs and consultations with professional stakeholders (n=13) and public representatives (n=5) were conducted to assess the suitability of 23 candidate items. Items were tested for content and comprehensibility and underwent a translatability assessment.

Results: Four rounds of revisions took place, due to amendments to item structure, improvements to item clarity, item duplication, and recommendations for future translations. Twenty items were confirmed as relevant to living with LTCs and understandable to patients and professionals.

Conclusion: This study supports the content validity of the LTCQ items among people withLTCs and professional stakeholders. The final items are suitable to enter the next stage ofpsychometric refinement.Keywords: long-term conditions, chronic conditions, cognitive debrief interviews,patient-reported