Unit Costs of Health and Social Care


The following schemas have been corrected or updated since the
printed version. Revised pages are marked with a revision number at the foot of the page.

Date of change:
20 December 2005
Revision 001

Colour cover added and minor typos corrected on pages 18 and 92.

Date of change:
14 February 2006
Revision 002

Employers’ contribution to superannuation corrected to 14%. This affects all schemata in sections 7 to 14 inclusive, with the exception of 9.8a, 9.8b and 9.9b.

We have adjusted the unit costs given to reflect key policy changes which came into effect in April 2004 regarding superannuation payments for NHS staff and subsequent increases to the rate employers’ contribute to superannuation. This rate is now 14%.

We have also updated the rate local authority employers contribute to superannuation.  This varies among local authorities but initial enquiries suggest that 14% would be appropriate.  This rate may be revised again for next year’s edition following a more in-depth survey.

We apologise for any inconvenience this error may have caused.