The ‘generic’ mental health CSRI was developed in response to the need for economic evaluations to be compared across interventions for similar mental health problems. To make such comparisons, not only must the outcome measure employed be similar, but so too should the cost measure include the same scope of services.

This version of the CSRI is UK-specific, and was developed from work for an international project with careful consideration of services and support that would be available across the UK for people with severe mental health problems. The service options listed were considered to be a good compromise between limiting the CSRI to a ‘core’ group of services, and sufficient differentiation within service types (for example, accommodation or hospital wards) to pick up the major cost differences. Questions on levels of police contact and medication use complete the CSRI. This CSRI ask about service use during the previous three months and incorporates a coding system for easier data-entry.

The CSRI can be downloaded here.