Introduction to ASCOT

The Adult Social Care Outcomes Toolkit (ASCOT) is a novel method for determining the impact of services. ASCOT is a suite of tools designed to measure the domains of quality of life most affected by social care. We call this social care-related quality of life (SCRQoL).

    • ASCOT is designed for people using adult social care and their informal carers.
    • The tools are available to view on our website.
    • Each tool has its own guidance, which includes information on scoring.
    • ASCOT is preference-weighted (Netten et al. 2012) and recommended for use in economic evaluations (Bulamu et al. 2015, Makai et al. 2014).
    • ASCOT is used internationally in research and evaluations.
    • We have developed video resources to help you find out more about the tools and decide which is right for your study or service.
    • To use the ASCOT tools, please complete the correct registration form to receive a licence.

Watch this video for a more detailed introduction to ASCOT.

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