ASCOT team



Ann-Marie Towers

Ann-Marie is a Reader at CHSS at the University of Kent and the ASCOT programme lead. Her responsibilities include having oversight of the development and support of the ASCOT toolkit in the UK and internationally, and she provides consultancy and advice about its use in research, policy and practice. Involved in the development of the mixed-methods toolkit for use in care homes, Ann-Marie is particularly interested in how ASCOT can be adapted to measure the outcomes of people with cognitive impairment and communication difficulties, as well as its application by providers for use in care planning.

Nick Smith

Nick is a Research Fellow at the PSSRU at the University of Kent and ASCOT training lead, and delivers the training alongside Ann-Marie. Nick is also involved in researching how ASCOT works in care homes.

Lizzie Welch

Lizzie is the ASCOT Support and Engagement Officer at the PSSRU at the University of Kent. Lizzie is involved in the day-to-day running of ASCOT –  from licensing to delivering support and advice to ASCOT users. She has also researched how ASCOT works in care homes and was part of the initial development of ASCOT through her involvement in a number of research projects that fed into the development of ASCOT.

Juliette Malley

Juliette is an Assistant Professorial Research Fellow at the Care Policy and Evaluation Centre at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Juliette was involved in the initial development of the interview and self-completion versions of ASCOT, and has since led on the development of preference weights for the suite of ASCOT measures. Juliette’s main interests are in using ASCOT to research and evaluate the quality and performance of long-term care services and systems. She recently completed the EXCELC project, which compared the effectiveness and efficiency of long-term care provided in private households in Austria, England and Finland, using ASCOT.

Stacey Rand

Stacey is a Senior Research Fellow at the PSSRU at the University of Kent. She led the development of ASCOT for family/friend carers (ASCOT-Carer) and has been involved in the development and/or psychometric studies of the ASCOT SCT4, ASCOT-ER and ASCOT-Proxy, as well as translations into other languages (most recently, Japanese). Stacey’s current interests are the application of outcomes in practice, especially in community-based care, with a dual focus on adults with care needs and their carers.

James Caiels

James is a Research Fellow at the PSSRU at the University of Kent and led on the development of the easy read version of ASCOT. James is particularly interested in widening participation in social care research by using and developing a variety of different methods.

Stephen Allan

Stephen is a Research Fellow at the PSSRU and has been involved in a number of projects using ASCOT to assess the relationship between national quality ratings of care homes and social care outcomes of their residents. Steve is currently working on a project developing preference weights for the Japanese version of ASCOT-Carer and is particularly interested in the use of ASCOT in economic evaluations of long term care services.

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