Further examples of CSRIs used in UK studies are shown in the table below. Click a study to find out more about it and/or download the corresponding CSRI.

Study titleAuthor(s)YearStudy typeCSRI administration typeAge group of interest
Do adolescents with eating disorder not otherwise specified or full-syndrome bulimia nervosa differ in clinical severity, comorbidity, risk factors, treatment outcome or cost?Schmidt U, et al. 2008Eating disordersInterview13-20
Effectiveness and costs of acute day hospital treatment compared with conventional in-patient care: randomised controlled trial.Priebe S, et al. 2006Hospital treatmentInterview18-65
Twelve years on: Service use and costs for people with mental health problems who left psychiatric hospitalBeecham J, et al. 2004Mental health interview35+
ProCEED: Report of a study of proactive care by practice nurses for people with depression and anxietyBuszewlcz M, et al. 2011DepressionSelf-complete18+
One day workshops:
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) self-confidence workshops for people with depression, and Psycho-educational CBT-insomnia workshops in the community
Horrell L, et al. & Bonin E, et al. 2014One day workshop for self-confidence & One day workshop for insomniaSelf-complete, postal 18+
Individual cognitive stimulation therapy (iCST) for dementiaOrrell M, et al.2014DementiaInterviewPredominantly 65+
The economic cost of chronic fatigue and chronic fatigure syndrome in UK primary care McCrone P, et al.2003FatigueSelf-complete18+