This study investigated whether adolescents with an eating disorder not otherwise specified (EDNOS) differed from those with bulimia nervosa (BN), on a number of metrics, including costs.

The abstract for this paper can be found here.

The CSRIs were administered via interview. This study administered two CSRIs: one to adolescents not living with their parent/guardian and one to those who were (for this latter group, a parent/guardian was also present at the time of the administration). They differ predominantly with the inclusion of extra questions on the latter questionnaire, focusing on household expenses and employment information relating to the parent/guardian.

Since the focus was on adolescents, questions specifically related to school services (e.g. school nurse) were included.

The CSRI administered via interview with adolescent and parent/guardian together (where these individuals live together) may be downloaded here.

The CSRI administered via interview with adolescent alone (where the individual does not live with their parent or guardian) may be downloaded here.