“Our” rooms can be booked via Outlook.  Be sure to include the full name [in square brackets] as the location.  A member of the PS team will be then confirm the booking, usually within a few minutes. If you want the whole KMC (Knowledge Management Center), be sure to book both parts:

  • KMC main room [CGA206 Knowledge Management Centre (main room)]
  • KMC small room [CGA205 Knowledge Management Centre (small room)]
  • Hotdesk / phone room – one / two people maximum [CGA215 Hotdesk room]
  • Small meeting room – approx eight people [CC209 Meeting Room]


To book any of the below rooms you need to contact Jess Bull (x4184).

  • Orange room 133 – 10 people
  • Green room 233 – 10 people
  • Top floor staff room – 20+ people, unavailable 1200-1400
  • CNE110 – six people
  • CESR2 – 40 people, available Wednesday afternoons only