Dr Emily Freeman

Assistant Professorial Research Fellow

020 7106 1422

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Research Interests

Emily is an anthropological demographer, currently Assistant Professorial Research Fellow within PSSRU. Emily has research interests on ageing and sexual and reproductive health, and the way in which they shape and are shaped by social institutions and processes. She is currently completing work looking at unsafe abortion among reproductive-aged girls and women in Zambia (within LSE Health) and influences on fertility preferences in Taiwan and mainland China (at the University of Oxford). Previous work includes research on experiences of ageing, sex and HIV in later life in Malawi.

Emily has a particular interest in methods for engaging public, civil society, practitioner and government audiences in social science research evidence, and tools for facilitating the exchange of ideas among academics. She has spent much of the last year working on an ESRC-DFID funded research impact maximisation project

Emily Freeman's Publications