Dr Valentina Zigante

Research Officer

020 7849 4649

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Research Interests

Valentina mainly contributes to the analysis of care provision as a part of the Economics of Health and Social Care (ESHCRU) unit. She is further involved in the analysis of outcomes for carers within the Quality and Outcomes Research Unit (QORU). Valentina is a member of the QORU Public Involvement Implementation Group (PIIG) and organises the LSEHSC formal seminar series.

Valentina's broader research interest include user and carer experience, personalisation and the provision and financing of social care. She has a background in economics and has, after receiving her MSc degree from University of Lund, Sweden, held positions with the UNDP Croatia and the Eurofound in Dublin researching individual wellbeing and quality of life. Valentina's PhD thesis (2013) investigated the individual wellbeing effects of choice policies in health and LTC in European countries. Prior to joining the PSSRU in 2012 Valentina worked as a lecturer in comparative social policy at the University of Bristol.

Valentina Zigante's Publications