Open access Efficacy and cost-effectiveness of guided and unguided internet- and mobile-based indicated transdiagnostic prevention of depression and anxiety (Ccare Prevent): A three-armed randomized controlled trial in four European countries

Kiona K. Weisel, Anna-Carlotta Zarskia, Thomas Berger, Tobias Krieger, Michael P. Schaub, Christian T. Moser, Matthias Berking, Michelle Dey, Cristina Botellae, Rosa Baños, Rocio Herrero, Ernestina Etchemendy, Heleen Riper, Pim Cuijpers, Felix Bolinski, Annet Kleiboer, Dennis Görlich, Jennifer Beecham, Corinna Jacobi, David D. Ebert (2018)

Internet Interventions