Personal health budgets evaluation (PHBE)

Principal investigator(s):
Julien Forder, Karen Jones
Karen Jones, Julien Forder, James Caiels, Elizabeth Welch Woodward
Start year:
End year:
Department of Health
University of York and Imperial College, London

Personalisation is an important new policy direction for health care in England. The piloting of personal health budgets (PHBs) is being viewed as one feature of this policy. However, this new way of delivering health care represents a major cultural shift within the health care service which needs to be explored before any decision of a national roll-out can be made. In 2009, the Department of Health invited 70 PCTs to become pilot sites to explore the opportunities offered by personal health budgets which will be supported by a rigorous evaluation. A multidisciplinary research team from the University of Kent, the University of York and Imperial College London conducted the research.