Network members

The Network Lead is Professor Shereen Hussein (United Kingdom)


Professor Sara Charlesworth

School of Management, RMIT University

Research interests: Gender equality in employment; gender, migration and care; social care workforce; industrial and anti-discrimination law & practice; intersection of work & care; job quality & decent work.


Dr Fiona Macdonald

Senior Research Fellow, RMIT University, Australia

Fiona Macdonald’s research interests are around the changing nature of work and work relations and the increasing informalisation of paid work. Her work is concerned with the consequences of these changes for workers and for decent work, and with regulation, worker organisation and public policy strategies supporting decent work, opportunity and equality in changed forms of employment. Fiona’s current research is concerned with the individualisation and marketisation of social care and the consequences for social care workers, for work relations, job quality and gender equality.

Ms Corina Modderman

Lecturer in Social Work and Social Policy, La Trobe University

Research interests: Transnational social work; social workers trained in the United Kingdom and Ireland practicing in Australia’s child protection workforce. This research project is informed by my international professional experience as a transnational social worker in Australia’s child protection service delivery. Overseas recruitment is common practice for child protection service systems in Australia. In what way transnational social workers prepare for the unique context of Australian child protection is under researched. Overseas recruitment in child protection has an impact on workforce development, retention and practice for those who arrive in unknown social work environment. This research has international significance as there is a well-worn Common Wealth tracks between the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia, enabling a steady stream of social workers moving between the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. Most recent publication: Modderman, C., Threlkeld, G., McPherson, L. (2017). Transnational social workers in statutory child welfare: A scoping review. Children and Youth Services Review. Vol 81:21-28, doi:10.1016/jj.childyouth.2017.07.022


Dr Kai Leichsenring

Associate Senior Researcher, European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research

Research interests: Integrating long-term care, quality management, training, health and social care services, migrant carers website:



Dr Tine Buffel

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Manchester

Research interests: Ageing and migrants; urbanisation; age-friendly cities; Turkish migrants; inequality in older populations.


Jacques Wels

PhD candidate, ULB (Université libre de Bruxelles)

Research interests: sociology of employment; sociology of work; portability of social rights; public policies; quantitative analysis; administrative database.



Dr Ghazy Mujahid

Independent Researcher (before retirement: United Nations Population Fund)

Research interests: Population ageing and related issues such as care and living arrangements for the elderly; social protection; social integration; internal and international migration; ageing of the diaspora in developed countries.



Ms Anika Liversage

Senior Researcher, SFI – the Danish National Centre for Social Research

Research interests: Turkish labour immigrants growing old in Denmark and in Western Europe; changes in family relations and in gender dynamics in ethnic minority families across time.



Dr. Hildegard Theobald

Professor of Organisational Gerontology, University of Vechta, Germany

Recent research focuses on international comparative research in the area of long-term care. The research combines approaches of international comparative welfare (care) research, public policy research on (multi-level) policy development and sociological approaches to inequality and intersectionality. Read more



Dóra Gábriel

Junior research fellow, Hungarian Demographic Research Institute
My PhD topic is related to ageing and international labour migration. I conduct qualitative research on Hungarian elderly care workers employed in Austria. I observe the mechanisms of decision-making, the family arrangements and changed gender roles within the families, and the institutions of this migration channel.



Dr Giovanni Lamura

Researcher, INRCA – National Institute of Health and Science on Ageing

Reseach interests: migrant care work – older migrants


New Zealand

Dr Allen Bartley

Senior Lecturer, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Research interests: Migration, migrant adaptation and settlement in New Zealand, 1.5 generation New Zealanders and transnational migration, New Zealand biculturalism/multiculturalism and social cohesion; migrant social workers; social work as a transnational profession.

Dr Elizabeth Beddoe

Associate Professor, University of Auckland, New Zealand


Dr Christa Fouché

Associate Professor, University of Auckland, New Zealand



Katrine Bjerke

PhD candidate, Department of Sociology, University of Bergen

My PHD project explores, from a bottom-up perspective, how elderly immigrants perceive of aging in Norway and how they experience and relate to the public welfare and care regime in Norway. It will explore elderly immigrants expectations when it comes to old age in Norway, their practices when aging occurs and how they go about covering their assistance needs both formally (within the public welfare system) and informally (within the family and/or the community of which they are part). The project has two main inter-related foci which are expectations, perceptions and attitudes toward aging in Norway and the Norwegian care regime on the one hand, and everyday practices in old age on the other hand. Among migrants facing old age in Norway today I have chosen two groups, immigrants with a Pakistani and immigrants with a Polish background. The project aims at a comparison between immigrants from within Europe and from outside of Europe.


Professor Karen Christensen

Professor of Sociology, University of Bergen, Norway
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Dr Catia Nicodemo

Research Fellow, University of Oxford and Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Research interests: Immigration, Labour, Health Economics



Professor Sandra Torres

Prof. of Sociology & Chair of Social Gerontology, Uppsala University, Sweden



Dr Li-Fang Liang

Assistant, Institute of Health and Welfare Policy, National Yang-Ming University

Research interests: My current research examines how the Taiwan government considers migrant care workers as the solution for the deficits of local care labour through the enactment of its migrant labour and long-term care policy. Within this context, migrant care worker are confined to the gendered and racialized labour market where they are regarded as the disposable labour. In addition, I investigate that how these infrastructures and institutional arrangements affect both migrant care workers’ and care recipients’ well-being. I plan starting a new study, which investigate how migrant care workers practice and maintain their care responsibility in the transnational context.



Dr Ayse Canatan

Assoc. Prof., Gazi University, Turkey

Research interests: sociology of aging, care issues (home care, carers) older people’s expectations, retirement issues, life after retirement and plans of middle age people.


Dr Sema Oğlak

Dokuz Eylül University, Turkey


United Kingdom

Dr Henglien Lisa Chen

Lecturer in Social Work and Social Care, University of Sussex, UK

Research interests: cross-national comparison; social gerontology; ageing care: policies and practice; and ageing care workforce and service innovation.


Dr Reena Devi

University of Leeds, UK

Research interests: currently working in the area of health and social care workforce in care homes, and reducing staff turnover in care homes.


Dr Shereen Hussein (Network Lead)

Principal Research Fellow, King’s College London, United Kingdom


Professor Jill Manthorpe

Professor of Social Work, King’s College London, United Kingdom


Ms Caroline Norrie

Research Fellow, Social Care Workforce Research Unit, Policy Institute, King’s College London

Research interests: Migrants working in health and social care in the UK; British health, social care and teaching professionals working abroad (especially EU and Spain). Caroline has experience of health and social care research and has varied interests including older people and care homes; interprofessional working; adult safeguarding; gambling-related harm; and professional migration.

Mr Jem Price

Senior Lecturer, University of Brighton, United Kingdom

Research interests: Transferability of social work between cultures; International definitions and objectives of social work; social work identity in the international context; radical/critical social work perspectives; social work and community; social work in the Philippines.


Dr Isabel Shutes

Lecturer in Social Policy, London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom

Research interests: Migrant workers and care for older people.


Mr David Smith

Reader in Social Policy, Anglia Ruskin University

Research interests: The Filipino migrant nurse workforce in the NHS; adaptation and acculturation into workplace cultures; global nurse care chains. Roma migrants from East and Central Europe in the UK; employment and working patterns; social integration programmes; EU policy National Roma Integration Strategies.


Dr Agnes Turnpenny

Research Associate, King’s College London


Dr Florin Vadean

Research Fellow, PSSRU, University of Kent

Research interests: economics of international labour migration; economics of international migrants’ remittances; health and social care economics


Mr Raphael Wittenberg

Principal Research Fellow, London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom

Research interests: Long-term care finance; long-term care policy; international comparisons of long-term care; dementia services; health and social care for older people