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24/09/2017 14:57

Project Information

Overcoming Barriers: Unpaid Care and Employment in England (Longitudinal Study)

Principal investigator(s) at PSSRU: Linda Pickard
Team: Linda Pickard, Nicola Brimblecombe, Derek King, Martin Knapp

Start year: 2014
End year: 2016

This study builds on an SSCR-funded research project called Overcoming Barriers: Unpaid Care and Employment. The Overcoming Barriers study has suggested that further research examining the policy of ‘replacement care’ is now needed.

The aim of this study is to undertake a longitudinal study examining the effectiveness of ‘replacement care’ in supporting working carers in England. The research will examine whether there is a relationship over time between receipt of formal social care support by the cared-for person and the carer’s employment, allowing for other factors that may affect carers’ employment.

This study will follow up the 371 working carers who completed a detailed questionnaire on working and caring (the Working Carers’ Questionnaire) between February and June 2013 (at ‘time 1’) as part of the initial Overcoming Barriers study. The longitudinal study will be carried out approximately two years later, in 2015 (at ‘time 2’), and will comprise a ‘time 2 questionnaire’, focusing on outcomes over time. A sub-sample of approximately 40 carers will also be invited to take part in follow-up interviews.



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