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24/09/2017 14:58

Project Information

Learning from International Models of Advance Care Planning to Inform Evolving Practice in England. An Economic Perspective

Principal investigator(s) at PSSRU: Josie Dixon
Team: Josie Dixon, Martin Knapp, Mike Clark

Start year: 2015
End year: 2017

Research evidence on Advanced Care Planning (ACP) is patchy. There is promising evidence of quality of life benefits for people at end of life and their carers and of potential savings from reducing hospitalisations in the last year of life and hospital deaths. However, ACP interventions are poorly described in the literature, and there is not much information on the costs of ACP interventions, or on the factors influencing these costs.

This project addresses these evidence gaps, identifying and interrogating the activities and resources needed to deliver complex ACP interventions, drawing on the experiences of ACP programmes in the US and Australia, including Respecting Choices and four programmes adapting this approach.



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