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26/09/2017 22:54

Project Information

Economics of Health and Social Care (ESHCRU)

Principal investigator(s) at PSSRU: Julien Forder, Ann Netten
Team: The Economics of Social and Health Care Research Unit is a joint collaboration between the Centre for Health Economics (CHE) at the University of York and PSSRU at the London School of Economics and the University of Kent

Start year: 2010
End year: 2017

The aim of the ESHCRU is to inform and guide policy-making in the health and social care sectors (H&SC) by undertaking high-quality, robust and policy-relevant research, based on the discipline of economics. This research will help to improve the health and well-being of the population, reflecting distributional concerns and population diversity.



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The determinants of care home closure
Allan S, Forder J
Health Economics 24 S1 132-145

Local variability in long-term care services: local autonomy, exogenous influences and policy spillovers
Fernández J-L, Forder J
Health Economics 24 S1 146-157

Fernández J-L, Snell T, Marczak J (2015)
An assessment of the impact of the Care Act 2014 eligibility regulations

The impact of competition on quality and prices in the English care homes market
Forder J, Allan S
Journal of Health Economics 34 1 73-83

Forder J, Allan S (2011)
Competition in the Care Homes Market

Forder J (2011)
Analysis of the Implications of Capped Risk Funding Models for Social Care in England