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26/09/2017 22:51

Project Information

Evaluation of the Shared Lives Growth Project

Principal investigator(s) at PSSRU: Nadia Brookes, Lisa Callaghan
Team: Nadia Brookes, Lisa Callaghan, Sinead Rider

Start year: 2015
End year: 2017

The Shared Lives Growth project is an exciting and timely opportunity to build demand and supply, whilst protecting the safety, quality and values of Shared Lives. Building the evidence base and spreading learning and impact is a key element to this. The evaluation has two linked purposes: to examine outcomes for users of Shared Lives; and to examine the implementation and progress (impact) of Shared Lives Plus by looking at the growth and sustainability of the sector; exploring satisfaction with support for Shared Lives carers and service users; examining drivers of supply and demand; and exploring variation.



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