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26/09/2017 22:51

Project Information

Development of an outcome measurement tool for Shared Lives

Principal investigator(s) at PSSRU: Lisa Callaghan, Nadia Brookes
Team: Lisa Callaghan, Nadia Brookes, Sinead Rider

Start year: 2014
End year: 2015

‘Shared Lives’ (SL) is the name for family-based support schemes where an individual or family includes an isolated or under-supported older or disabled person in their family and community life. There are different types of SL arrangement: residential or long-term; respite or short breaks; day support; rehabilitative or intermediate care support; and outreach or ‘kinship’ support. Key is the careful matching of the SL carer and the person needing support. SL schemes approve and train carers, conduct the matching process and monitor SL arrangements.

Shared Lives has strong advocates, but there is a lack of research evidence to effectively demonstrate potential benefits. Shared Lives Plus (SLP; the UK network for family-based and small-scale ways of supporting adults) is working to extend the evidence base. Given that there is no established approach to outcomes measurement in the sector, there is a need to develop a tool to measure the intended outcomes of SL. SLP has commissioned PSSRU to undertake a 6-month project to develop this tool, including an online portal into which data can be inputted.

We are working with six Shared Lives schemes on this project so that we can make sure that we reflect the views of Shared Lives scheme workers, Shared Lives carers, and the people who use Shared Lives.



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Callaghan L, Brookes N, Palmer S (2015)
Developing an outcome measurement tool for Shared Lives