Unit Costs of Health and Social Care 2007

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Compiled by Lesley Curtis

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The PSSRU retains thee copyright in the Unit Costs series. They may be freely distributed as pdf files and on paper, but quotations must be acknowledged and permission for use of longer excerpts must be obtained in advance. Please acknowledge Unit Costs of Health and Social Care as the source when using costs estimates and information from these reports.

Please note that when citing the report, the following format should be used:

Curtis, L. (2007) Unit Costs of Health and Social Care 2007, Personal Social Services Research Unit, University of Kent, Canterbury.


This is the fifteenth volume in a series of reports from a Department of Health-funded programme of work
based at the Personal Social Services Research Unit at the University of Kent.

The costs reported always reflect, to a greater or lesser degree, work in progress, as the intention is to refine and improve estimates wherever possible, drawing on a wide variety of sources. The aim is to provide
as detailed and comprehensive information as possible and to improve unit cost estimates over time, drawing on material as it becomes available, including ongoing and specially commissioned research and quoting sources and assumptions so users can adapt the information for their own purposes.

In putting the report together, there are a large number of individuals who have provided direct input in the form of data, permission to use material and background information and advice.

Grateful thanks are extended especially to Ann Netten who has been an invaluable source of support in the
preparation of this report. I would also like to extend special thanks to Glen Harrison and Nick Brawn for taking expert charge of the design and typesetting.

Thanks are also due to James Barlow, Barbara Barrett, Rosalyn Bass, Steffen Bayer, Jennifer Beecham, Gill
Bellord, Sarah Byford, Richard Curry, Keith Derbyshire, Alexa Fernandez, Matthew Fiander, Nick Grangel, Jennifer Heigham and Jane Hendy. Thanks also to Martin Knapp, David Lloyd, Anne Mason, David McDaid, Neil Parkinson, Tony Rees, Stephen Richards, Richard Robinson, Katherine Robbins, Tim Roast, Rob Shaw, David Stevens, Rob Stones, Andy Sutherland, Marian Taylor, Ryan Thompson, David
Wall, Helen Weatherly and Raphael Wittenberg.

If you are aware of other sources of information which can be used to improve our estimates, notice errors
or have any other comments, please contact Lesley Curtis, telephone 01227 827193.

Many figures in this report have been rounded and therefore occasionally it may appear that the totals
do not add up.


This electronic version is updated if errors are discovered. A log of these corrections can be found here.

Download complete document (1.42MB)

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Lesley Curtis

Thecosts of telecare: from pilots to mainstream implementation
James Barlow, Steffen Bayer, Richard Curry and Jane Hendy

The HealthBASKET Project: documenting the benefit basket and evaluating service costs in Europe
Ann Mason

Recording professional activities to aid economic evaluations of health and social care services
Sarah Byford and Matthew Fiander


For a detailed list of services covered in these sections, see the contents pages or the index of services.

I Services

1. Services for older people
2. Services for people with mental health problems
3. Services for people who misuse drugs/alcohol
4. Services for people with learning disabilities
5. Services for younger adults with physical and sensory impairments
6. Services for children and their families
7. Hospital and other services

II Community-based health care staff

8. Scientific and professional
9. Nurses and doctors

III Community-based social care staff

10. Social care staff
11. Health and social care teams

IV Hospital-based health care staff

12. Scientific and professional
13. Nurses
14. Doctors

V Miscellaneous

Inflation indices
Agenda for Change pay bands
List of useful sources
Index of references
Index of services