Unit Costs of Health and Social Care 2015

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Compiled by Lesley Curtis and Amanda Burns

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Curtis, L. & Burns, A. (2015) Unit Costs of Health and Social Care 2015, Personal Social Services Research Unit, University of Kent, Canterbury.


If you are aware of other sources of information which can be used to improve our estimates, notice errors or have any other comments, please contact Lesley Curtis.


2.1 NHS reference costs for mental health services
19.2 Training costs of doctors (after discounting)

Lesley Curtis

Implications of the Care Act 2014 on social care markets for older people
Stephen Allan

Survey questions on older people’s receipt of, and payment for, formal and unpaid care in the community
Meera Balarajan, Margaret Blake, Robin Darton, Michelle Gray, Ruth Hancock, Linda Pickard and
Raphael Wittenberg

Estimating the unit costs of vision rehabilitation services
Kate Baxter and Parvaneh Rabiee

Review of resource-use measures in UK economic evaluations
Colin H. Ridyard and Dyfrig A. Hughes

I Services – download

  1. Services for older people
  2. Services for people with mental health problems
  3. Services for people who misuse drugs or alcohol
  4. Services for people with learning disabilities
  5. Services for adults with physical disabilities
  6. Services for children and their families
  7. Hospital and related services
  8. Care packages

II Community-based health care staff – download

  1. Scientific and professional
  2. Nurses, doctors and dentists

III Community-based social care staff- download

  1. Social care staff
  2. Health and social care teams

IV Hospital-based health care staff – download

  1. Hospital-based scientific and professional staff
  2. Hospital-based nurses
  3. Hospital-based doctors

V Sources of information – download

  1. Inflation indices
  2. NHS staff earning estimates
  3. Examples of roles in each Agenda for Change band
  4. Training costs of health and social care professionals
  5. Care home fees
  6. Land values
  7. Time use of community care professionals
  8. Glossary
  9. References
  10. Index of references
  11. List of useful websites
  12. List of items from previous volumes