Research On Workforce Mobility in social care and social work

Who we are

The Research On Workforce Mobility (ROWM) network is a multinational group of researchers interested in studying the global mobility of social care and social work professionals.

Our aims

Our collaborative work builds on individual core members’ long-standing research into the causes and consequences of global mobility in care work. The network provides a platform for cross-border joint research and learning.

ROWM topics

The group is interested in the broad themes of global mobility in this sector, with special interests in:

  • Facilitators and motivations for global care labour mobility
  • Direct and indirect costs of long-term care global mobility
  • Skills and social capital possessed by different groups of global workers and their relationships with welfare or care systems and the quality and compatibility of work
  • Skill transferability and cultural competence
  • Interactions between political change and immigration policies as catalysts for global mobility or otherwise
  • Multiculturalism, racism and integration.

Joining the network

If you would like to join the ROWM network please submit details on our online application form. We will then post these details on this website.