ASCOT is 10! Celebrating a decade of the preference-weighted measure.

August 25, 2022

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By Lizzie Welch, Research Officer at PSSRU

Ten years after the launch of the preference-weighted measure in 2012, this webinar series showcases how the ASCOT has evolved and contributed to international research, policy and practice. This series brings together an international network of researchers and experts in long-term care to present their findings and consider future research priorities.

Webinar one: evaluating social care interventions

Our first webinar focuses on the application of ASCOT in evaluating social care interventions/services in England.

Dr Phillip Whitehead, Newcastle University and Dr Kathryn Orellana, HSCRU, Kings College London.

  • The use of ASCOT in the Bathing Adaptations in the Homes of Older Adults study (BATH-OUT-1 & 2).

Dr Kathryn Orellana, HSCRU, Kings College London.

  • Using ASCOT-INT4 to investigate the impact of day centres for older people.


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