ChatGPT: practical usage as an intellectual assistant

June 29, 2023

By the PSSRU team.

On June 28th, we had the opportunity to participate in an intriguing pro bono workshop titled ‘ChatGPT: Practical Usage as Intellectual Assistant‘, led by Oleh Myroshnichenko. This session offered a glimpse into the future of work, focusing on the potential of ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence tool developed by OpenAI. The participants explored the functionality of ChatGPT, its principles of interaction, and its array of plugins that extend its capabilities, including those useful for automating literature review generation, exploring research gaps, and promoting academic papers.

Oleh discussed the different versions of ChatGPT, the importance of critically analyzing its content, and potential risks. He also covered its use in academic settings, text editing, training, language learning, marketing, and social media content generation. The workshop highlighted the potential of ChatGPT as a tool for various kinds of intellectual work and offered insights into a near-limitless number of other situations it could be applied to. Oleh has suggested the possibility of more future sessions repeating the material or going into further detail, indicating a promising future for this transformative technology.
Watch this space for more info!