Professor Shereen Hussein meets film maker Helene Klodawsky

October 7, 2019

On the 23rd of September 2019, Professor Shereen Hussein (Associate Director, PSSRU) had her second meeting with the Canadian film maker Helene Klodawsky. Helene has secured some funding to continue her project on making care visible (see some information here). Building on her short film ‘The Invisible Everywhere’, her new project aims to raise awareness among the public of aspects of care that are usually invisible and absent from the public discourse. Through a collaboration with the University of Toronto, Helene aims to bring the voices of those who receive and provide care as well as evidence from research in an accessible and interesting format to the general public. They discussed Professor Hussein’s research and potential contribution in translating research evidence in relation to the invisibility of those providing and receiving care from a multi-faceted perspective that encompasses global, gender and migration aspects among others.