Worker voices in the social care sector

February 28, 2020

We are delighted to announce that Associate Director, Professor Shereen Hussein and Dr Agnes Turnpenny at the PSSRU have been commissioned by the Office of the Director of Labour Market Enforcement (an independent body co-sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy and the Home Office) to conduct a piece of research to inform their upcoming Strategy for 2020/21. The aim of the project is to generate in-depth qualitative evidence – case studies and real-life examples – about worker experiences in a sector identified as low paid, and potentially posing heightened risk of exploitation and regulatory non-compliance. The individual stories (case studies) will be used to corroborate evidence gathered from other sources such as official data, stakeholder submissions, and upcoming LME strategy. The project runs from February to April 2020. We envisage the findings from the interviews will be published alongside the Strategy and subsequently in a peer-reviewed journal or as a book chapter.