Quality and Outcomes Research Unit (QORU)

Principal investigator(s):
Julien Forder, José-Luis Fernández, Ray Fitzpatrick
Julien Forder, Ray Fitzpatrick, José-Luis Fernández, Ann Netten, Julie Beadle-Brown, Nadia Brookes, Angela Coulter, Francesco D'Amico, Diane Fox, Clara Heath, Cheryl Hunter, Crispin Jenkinson, Martin Knapp, Juliette Malley, Michele Peters, Stacey Rand, Kamilla Razik, Lisa Richardson, Sara Ryan, Asuza Sato, Nick Smith, Ann-Marie Towers, Lisa Trigg, Agnes Turnpenny, Beckie Whelton, Sue Ziebland, Valentina Zigante
Start year:
End year:
Secretary of State for Health
PSSRU at Kent and LSE, University of Oxford, Tizard Centre (University of Kent)

The Quality and Outcomes Research Unit (QORU) has been funded by the Department of Health in England to develop and promote appropriate use of evidence, both quantitative and qualitative, of need, quality and outcomes in relation to long-term health conditions, with resulting beneficial impact on the quality of health and social services. The Unit has initially been funded to conduct a 5-year programme of research and will seek to: engage sufferers of long-term conditions in research; identify their conditions and circumstances and the effects these condition have on their quality of life; find the most appropriate ways to use information about people’s outcomes and experience to guide the development of the health and social care services in England; and gather evidence about the best strategies to support people with chronic diseases and other long-term conditions.